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Life Insurance

In this day and age, planning may not be everything, but it is the beginning. Start your financial plan by showing how much you care for your loved ones and the people around you who depend on you. The best way to do this is by having a life insurance plan. At Heritage Insurance Agency, Inc. in New York, we offer reliable insurance policies from agents with years of experience in the insurance industry. Together, we ensure quick processing of policies and claims.

The various types of life insurance offered by us can include:

Whole life insurance

In this type of life insurance policy, premiums are paid until the unfortunate event of death. The premiums are constant within the life of the policy giving you peace of mind. The policy also includes a provision of dividends annually which can be converted to cash, insurance purchase or premium payments. You can avoid tax through this policy by asking for funds from the accumulated cash value of the premiums.

Universal life insurance

If you are not interested in whole life insurance, this can be the permanent life insurance policy for you. It is more flexible regarding premium selection. This means that you can choose whether the premium amount will go towards the death benefit or to the policy’s cash value. Additionally, the cash value can be utilized at any time you need it.

Term life insurance

This type of life insurance does not include any investment fund. The duration of the policy is limited but can be renewed when the duration lapses. Death benefits are only offered if death occurs during the duration of the policy.

After your death, your dependents can sleep easier if you protected them financially with life insurance. It provides the financial support to help your loved ones after your passing. Call or visit us at Heritage Insurance Agency, Inc. in New York, and we can help get you started with a quote and a policy.

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