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Health Insurance for the New York Lifestyle

Everyone needs health insurance in New York. An accident or sickness could happen at any time, and costly medical bills could potentially bankrupt an individual or family. Coverage gives you a sense of peace that no matter what life brings, you are prepared. Aside from emergency scenarios, it is well accepted that routine preventative checkups keep people healthier by addressing issues before they become serious.

As you are probably aware, health insurance doesn't always cover all of your medical expenses. It is meant to simply share costs with the policyholder to a certain reasonable limit. What portion of the cost your insurance covers depends on the policy you buy. This amount is known as your deductible or co-payment. Under the Affordable Care Act, all policies sold must cover what is known as “the ten essentials.” This includes, but is not limited to ambulatory, emergency, overnight hospitalization for surgeries, maternity and newborn care, prescription drugs, rehabilitation devices, lab work, preventative care, chronic disease management, and pediatric services including both vision and dental. The policies must also meet affordability standards.

Affordable Care Act

The Affordable Care Act dictates that all American citizens must have health insurance unless they are well below the poverty line. If this is the case, then the individual or family qualifies for a hardship exemption. The penalty for having no insurance at all is either 2.5% of the total household income or $695 a year for adults and $347.50 a year for everyone under 18 years old, whichever amount is higher. Parents may keep their children on their health plan until they are 26 years old. The ACA does not require dental or vision to be included in any adult plan and often this insurance must be purchased separately.

Some people have jobs that offer health insurance, but many people may have to buy a plan instead. Heritage Insurance Agency, Inc. in New York offers affordable and comprehensive coverage of varying levels. Contact Heritage Insurance Agency, Inc. today for a free quote and help to find what policy fits your situation best.

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